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Local service which is prompt and professional from qualified technicians who get the job done.

No risk to you with all IT services backed by CT Outer West Calder Region’s 100% guarantee.



Your situation is unique and we respect that. Our solution will draw upon the breadth of our services: Office 365, Cloud applications, Backup and Business continuity, Data recovery, website hosting, anti-virus solution for business and the home.


Solutions that scale with your growth. This is our focus when assessing technologies and designing the solution for your challenge.

With Computer Troubleshooters, you have not one mind working for you but a National network of minds.



Proactive support that reduces the risk of IT failure and business disruption via remote monitoring and remediation using our IT Managed service plans. Allows you to focus on your business while we focus on your IT.



As Australia’s largest franchise network, we only work with the best partners.

This means you have access to the latest trends in Cloud services, Server networks, Virtual private networks, hardware trends, and Data management and recovery.

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SME Business Cyber Security Definitions Handbook D to N

Thursday, 6 July, 2023|Security|

This is an abridged version of the handbook from ACSC Australian Cyber Security Centre D to N Their role is to help make Australia the most secure place to connect online. This role includes monitoring cyber threats 24 hours a day seven days a week, so that they can alert Australians and Australian businesses on what to do, including the provision of information and advice on how to protect yourself and business online.


Just a few of our top products

 Endpoint Protection
Anti Virus


you need
Anti-Virus Endpoint

many pricing options available to meet your needs
Award winning protection and performance
for Homes and Business.
Data & Identity protection.
Threat protection for PCs and Macs
Protection that stops ransomware.
Ask about the free trial.
Computer Troubleshooters Outer West Calder Region


Cyber  Security
Protection Plans

Cyber_security_ plans

Prevention – better than Cure

Managed Security Plans
charged monthly, quarterly or annually.
All plans are unique to your needs.
Plan options include:
Anti-virus and Anti Spyware, Monitoring, a Monthly health check report,
scheduled Back-up, Managed Windows patches and updates.
Learn more
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Microsoft/Office 365
for Business


Transform how you work

Microsoft 365/Office 365
allows you to work anywhere while
staying engaged and connected with your work team
with a monthly commitment per user.
Only pay for what you use.
Always have the latest versions!
Applications include: Teams, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and much more.
Start your transformation talk with
Computer Troubleshooters  Outer West Calder Region Now!


Smart Choice


Sleep easy,
Your Local IT Expert Support Team

are monitoring and taking preventive action
ensuring that your staff are always connected, productive and secure.
With a monthly fee based on actual users means
Predictable IT costs.
Focus on building your Competitive advantage
while your Local IT Expert Support team,
Enable your Business to grow through IT.
Talk with us
for more information or visit Managed Services

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